OnlineLogo and it's parent company, Mackinnon Gregory, Inc. agree to sign over all rights associated with ownership and usage of materials developed by OnlineLogo to the customer upon receipt of full payment for said materials. Until such time OnlineLogo and it's parent company MacKinnon Gregory, Inc. retains and reserves all rights to any content created by OnlineLogo as set forth by the Copyright Laws of the United States of America (Title 17 U.S.C., et seq., and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Once full payment is received by OnlineLogo, the customer account will receive a "Paid in full" status at which time all rights connected with ownership, full and unrestricted, will be released to the customer for use in all media, in all markets, for an unlimited period of time

OnlineLogo and MacKinnon Gregory, Inc., retains and reserves the rights to use any and all content developed by OnlineLogo, regardless of ownership, for display and self-promotional purposes.


1. OnlineLogo will secure a single payment in the amount of $200.00 (US) upon receipt of a completed Stationery Package order form. This fee is non-refundable and covers expenses to include, but not limited to the following:

Order processing.
Intellectual and proprietary materials utilized in developmental stages.

Creation and development time.
Up to 3 rounds of customer alterations to animation.

If OnlineLogo did not create your logo the following applies:
Pricing is based on customer supplying OnlineLogo with appropriate logo files in vector format. In the event the customer does not have logo in vector format, recreation of customer's logo in vector format may be subject to additional fees. OnlineLogo will not charge any additional fees to customer's account without first securing authorization from customer.


OnlineLogo and MacKinnon Gregory, Inc. make no guarantee of copyright to customer. Customer assumes responsibility of obtaining Trademark or Copyright of any material created by OnlineLogo and MacKinnon Gregory, Inc. assumes no liability in the event that customer is unable to obtain Trademark or Copyright of said material for any reason.


Customer hereby agrees and consents to venue in Hillsborough County, Florida, USA, in the event of any legal action regarding these Terms and Conditions or of any copyright enforcement regarding the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions.