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OnlineLogo's pricing is based on a single order for Flash animation. Multiple orders may qualify for a discounted rate and may be individually quoted via email @ or telephone @ 1-866-733-LOGO (5646).

How much does it cost?
In an effort to make your Flash purchase as easy as possible, we have developed an introductory, limited time offer of $150 flat for all Flash animation purchases.

What is the payment process?
Upon receipt of your completed order form, OnlineLogo will secure a payment in the amount of $150 (US) to cover all developmental costs.

What does the price include?
The initial $150.00 (US) fee includes the development of custom messaging (optional) as well as the creation of an 8-10 second Flash animation. You may elect to make a round of alterations to the provided animation at no extra cost before finalizing your animation. Upon completion of your animation the following files will be delivered to your email address:

1. The original Flash source file.
2. An SWF file.
3. An HTML file containing the necessary source code for displaying animation on your web page.

It's as simple as that. No hidden costs or considerations.

Let's get started: STEP 1