What are they Saying?

Thanks again for all of your help with our logo. I am so happy we went with your company!
Rosalind Ruiz Martin, The Job Box

Great work. I love the logo and so does everyone I've shown it to.
James Pottebaum, Kennel Resorts

THANKS!! This was such a painless experience - you guys were fast and professional. Great job! You will definitely get a recommendation from me to others who are looking for this service!
Tina Johnston, Envision Consulting

Outstanding artwork! You guys are awesome!
Melanie Young, Dr. Evil Performance Transmissions

Great design. Thanks again to you and the team.
Jean Boris Urban, Kuaxa

Thanks to you and your team for the help... we think you all met the objectives that we laid out as we initiated the process. We would be happy to recommend your services to others that have the same needs.
Myra and Ed Berman, Alliant Business Solutions, Inc.

Scott, if you guys ever need a referral let me know. I could not be happier with the professional job you guys did. Thank Mark for me as well! I have talked you up to 3 or 4 people & am trying to send a few interested parties your way for logo development. Thanks again!
Greg Bach, Bach Benefit Group

All I have to say is..... You are the man. That worked out Perfectly. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. I have never seen a branding done that fast. The logo came out a lot better than I expected.
Carey Paris, TampaCampusHookup.com

These are awesome! Thanks so much for the work you've done for us.
Lynne Evans, ShapinUp

Thanks Much!! More work will be coming your way, we are very happy with the way you do business and plan on using you as our graphics design team.
Scott Hosier, Forward Technology Solutions

Thank you very much. You have been so wonderful to work with. I can not wait to tell everyone I know about your service. I have truly appreciated your attitude and help. Many thanks and best regards.
Laila Utley, LS Unlimited

I just wanted to tell you that my fiance and I have each ordered logos from you for our businesses and she also ordered one for a professional association she belongs to. We are most pleased with the work you have done and look forward to my animated logo. Just wanted to let you know I think you have a great program and wish you continued success.
Brad Charnas, Charnas Appraisal

Thank you very much for your promptness and professional service. I would definitely recommend your services to my associates and friends. I did like all of the logos and probably as part of the creative process, my vision for the perfect logo came finally closer to realization.
Stanka Moskov, Allslavic Translations

Your work far exceeded my expectations. I had not idea that it like this. Thanks so much for sending it in a way for me to view and print. It looks
beautiful printed.
Stephene Terry, Terry Trading

Great. Thanks for everything Marc. You guys do great work, I'm very happy with the results.
Colin Shreffler, Omega3 Solutions

The design is absolutely stunning. I am an extremely satisfied OnlineLogo customer!!
Richard Juliano, Ford SVT Cobra Club

Great Job!!! Everything we were looking for in a fantastic logo.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We are incredibly happy with the final product and will be proud to use it for a long time. I look forward to referring your company, as well as working with you in the future.
Kendra Shapiro, Shapiro Diamonds

I have absolutely no reservation whatsoever in you using this letter on your web site, and in fact, I welcome you to do so. You have done a wonderful job for me, and I'm happy to tell the story as it unfolded. With my compliments, I offer the following assessment of your company, your work, and your services...

To any prospective customer of OnlineLogo.com

Recently I incorporated one of my companies and was in need of a corporate logo, and after having tried to go the route of letting "one of my friends" do the job, I finally broke down and starting surfing the net, looking for someone to do the work in a professional manner. After all, I did not want anything "homemade" associated with a professional business, and I knew that only a finished looking logo could present my products and services to the public in a respectable manner.

When I came upon the site for Marc and his company, I was at first skeptical, which I think is natural when one is dealing with an unseen service company for the first time, and understandably so, since we are pretty much at the mercy of the retail and service community any time we use online services. However, after perusing the portfolio selection of other logos this company had designed for others, I decided to give them a shot.

After filling in the blanks, so to speak, with my wants and my ideas, I turned it all over to Marc and his staff, and I figured, "Hey, if it works, okay; if not, I'm only out the up-front fees." I am happy to say I am more than pleased. They took the raw data I supplied and gave me several choices, all of which were "possibles," and then allowed me to change and alter and tweak until I arrived at what I feel is a fine logo choice, and I have to tell you: It was done in record time. I could not have even gotten an appointment with most graphic artists in the length of time it took Marc and his gang to finish my logo to my exact specifications. The quality of work was stunning, and since I expected and anticipated problems along the way, since it's an online company, I was STUNNED when I saw the proofs. Long story short: They did the work they said they would do, and beyond; and, they did it for a fair price, in record time, and what's more, they're extremely nice folks!

Once the logo was done, I was offered the opportunity to have other services done to compliment the logo, such as a corporate pack, that sort of thing, and I readily jumped at the chance. Upon getting my logo done in color, I thought, "Hey, what if I need it in black and white, say, for print media ads?" They were more than happy to shoot me back some B&W proofs inside of ONE DAY. Needless to say, I bought them on the spot.

They then took on the job of designing my corporate pack, and I have to tell you: I'm pleased. In fact, I offer anyone on the planet an open invitation to view the work done for me by MacKinnon Gregory and the folks at OnlineLogo.com, and I encourage you to let them take a shot at your business, too.
Zane Cofield, Ursa Ventures, Inc.

Great help, great service!
Stefan Mens, M.A.D Media Art Development

As busy as you must be, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday about our logo and corporate ID. Your willingness to talk personally with distant clients in an effort to identify their needs and satisfy them has, in no short measure, contributed to your success. The "logo" we have used here in the past has consisted of a simple arrangement of lettering, without a graphic symbol or prop. Incorporating a new image into our marketing and client presentations is more important to me than I ever thought it would be. Go figure!
Neil Colton, Colton Design Associates

Thanks for all your help. We are all very impressed with your turn-around time and promptness, not to mention your design skills.
Paul Dervan, RoadRunner Driving Lessons

You did an outstanding work... I really enjoyed working with you and with OnlineLogo.... I will spread the word around my community in Mexico about the quality of your work. Thanks.
Joaquin Frias, International Business Group

Thanks, Marc! And by the way, you can count on a GREAT referral from us to anyone else looking for a logo!
Kevin Campbell, New Life Productions

Thanks again for taking to speak with me yesterday. I am quite impressed by your company's response and customer service.
Scott Wiley, Mesa Capital Management

Very impressive. Excellent work on your part... thank you! I am torn between the designs.
Christopher Sussman, Outsourced IT Solutions

I congratulate you on your keen artistic and marketing talents; we would not have believed it possible to have such high quality work in such a short time. I thanks and my compliments.
Eric Engler, The D.E.E.P Foundation

Thanks for the excellent work. And good value for money. We'll be back!
Paul Bailey, Discover IT

I want to tell you that all the logos were awesome! You guys are by far the best on the web and you can't beat the price!
Jeremy Reiland, Sunbelt Capital Financial, Inc.

Let me say again how wonderful your service has been. I'm extremely pleased. Thanks!
Gaylea Lunday, Fishers of Men

Thanks for the new logos. I've really like the final result. This is the nice clean look I was after. Thanks for your quick turn around.
Joe McEachern, QA Cafe

Once again - thank you for your prompt attention and courtesy. I have to tell you - once again - I am extremely impressed with the excellent (and fast) work done by your organization (and you personally). This was the second logo you have done for us - and once again - I was very pleased with the results.

People constantly commented to me about the first logo you did for me (for my solo practice) which I displayed on my front door sign, letterhead, business cards, web site, and virtually everything else. This second logo is already getting good reviews.

Once again - thanks for the excellent work and outstanding final product. I will continue to refer all of my professional colleagues to your service.
Jim Sexton, Masch, Coffey & Sexton, LLP

That has got to be the fastest response I have ever received from a internet based service. I have an associate that will be in touch with you that would also like to rebuild his logo. Thanks again for going the extra mile. I will certainly go out of my way to refer your company.
David Keller, Radio One

GREAT JOB!!! I have used a LOT of other logo companies in the past but yours is the BEST!!!! I will NEVER use any other logo company AGAIN! Thanks again for a job well done!
Dwight Smith, Ekklesia Apparel, Inc.

Excellent Job!!! I am so pleased with what you have done. THANKS!!
Betty Seay, Heritage USA Federal Credit Union

Marc, thanks again for your fantastic service! It's a pleasure to work with you, I can highly recommend your service and your quality! Keep your excellent work!
Alexander Scheck, UPsolute HQ

All I can say is WOW. To let you know, I intend to review them with staff this morning and get their opinions and try to settle in on the one we like best. Fantastic work!!
Linda Voster, Fox Valley Builders

I know I haven't gotten back to you right away. The reason being is that we like all of the designs so much, we haven't quite decided on one of them yet. If its OK I would like the weekend to so get some feedback from what everyone likes, then I will get back to you sometime early in the week. Again we are very pleased with your work.
Nicholas Hornyak, Elk Creek Ready Mix

Thanks so much Scott. We enjoyed working with you all as well! Your speediness sure did come in handy for us.
Anna-Faith Hall, RightClick Strategies, LLC

Thank you for a job well done on the logo. I've placed it on my web site and it looks very professional. Should I have any further needs that your company might be able to assist me with, I'll be in touch.
Sean Knapik, Elandanse

I am totally delighted with your logo proofs! Very well done indeed. I will be making my selection in the next few days, but I wanted to let you know how much I like your work!
Joe Reese, MCSE, Team Technology

Thanks so much for all your help. I have taken many new products to market over the past 15 years and endured thousands of meetings with ad agencies and product managers screaming at each other. This however was a joy to go through. Your designs are clean, unique, and very, very professional. Thanks again.
Syd Dufton, Arthurian Ventures

Thanks for all of your help! I realize that you went far beyond what we expected from you. However, I do want you to realize that we truly appreciate all of your assistance. I will make sure that your company name gets recognized in our circle as one that provides outstanding service to its customers. Again, thanks for all of your help.
Emma M Reaves, Optimum Organizational Performance Solutions

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the great job on our logo. We've incorporated the new logo into new brochures and business cards and everyone I've handed the brochure or my business card to comments on how great the new logo looks. We also really appreciated the quick turnaround, availability and responsiveness of your team. If you ever need a reference or anything like that I'd be happy to help out.
Adeel Ahmad, Innovative Analytix

It has been a pleasure and I take my hat off to you and your staff for the hard work and dedication that you have provided to CSC Technologies Group, I will be send a formal letter to you for you and your staff just to thank everyone. Thanks again and I will be using you and your company in the future.
Corye Clark, CSC Technologies Group, Inc.

You guys absolutely kick a**! I can't believe how good they look. Thank you for an incredible job.
Dan Ostrower, Snakepit Automotive, Inc.

They look great! If you ever need a reference do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to you and your team for the superior and timely work. Here is to a job well done.
Krista Evans, LCI Wireless Internet

Thank you Marc. We are very pleased with how easy the process was and the quality of product and service. We will definitely be using you in the future when the need arises. Please feel free to use us as a reference.
James P. Siepmann, CTO, LightTime

Thanks for the great job and good service done on our logo. We were very impressed with the workmanship, completion time and customer service. It's great to be able to find this type of high quality service over the internet. I never had to leave my office to get this done. I will recommend your company to others.
Tom Kewan, Instantree.com

I just made my selection (it was difficult as they were all excellent). I also have another company which has been in business since 1994, but I am going to submit that information to you as well for the creation of a new logo. Thank you!
Christopher C. Biddle, IdealNet, Inc.

I wanted to thank you again for your excellent work. They are a hit with the people I have shown them to. I left the design with a printing service and went there a few days later to get my price quote, and one of the people working there recognized the logo and said we are doing your business cards! She wanted to keep one because she will be in the market for a house in a few months. I cannot explain how good that made me feel! Thanks again!
Lambros Balatsias, Infinity Realty

Great proofs! I have to get a consensus from a couple of key people in the company and then I'll fill out the form. But one thing is for sure, I like the work and I will recommend business your way.
Bharat Patel, Weaverdyne Technologies, Inc.

Thanks so much for the excellent design on our new logo. It was painless for us - I guess that's the idea, eh?
Michael Mauk, MD

I am very pleased with the designs you presented me. Outstanding job on this design. I will recommend you and your company to others whenever and wherever possible. You made a promise to me and kept that promise. In this day and age, it is very difficult to find outstanding customer service, so once you find it, you keep it and forward it on to others. I find this promise in your company and yourself. Thank you.
Owen J. Coffman, H.O.M.E., Inc.

I want to share my thoughts on the logo work... brilliant! Exactly what we need. #2 is right on the money... BTW - You can use this as a quote on your web site if you care to.
Paul S., JDB Pro

All three of the logos look GREAT!!! I am going to get opinions from some of my closest friends, but I think I really like Number 2. I am very impressed!!!!
Lambros Balatsias, Infinity Realty

Thanks. You guys are great. I'm going to mention you to anyone I know who is in need of a logo. I love the version we're working with, but the other two had merit as well. I've had logos created before that ended up costing me $2,000 for the design and they took weeks to finalize. This has been inexpensive and painless.
Scott Gearheart - Pinpoint Consulting

OH MY GOSH! I am really going to have to decide. You guys did an excellent job! I will let you know.
Keri Wallace

I want you to know how pleased I am with the outstanding service you have provided. Rarely has a company given me such complete cooperation. I look forward to working with you again.
Dave Zanicchi, Digiboon

Fantastic job on the logos. The decision was extremely tough to make. There were a number of votes for all three, with the last two getting a slight edge. In fact, I would like to purchase the rights to proofs number 2 & 3. I look forward to receiving the logos.
Dave Zanicchi, Digiboon

This has been the best design experience ever for me. Thank you for making it so easy, with professional results. I'll be in touch with another project later.
Brad Lipetz, Benchmark Video

Thank you for your prompt answer (as usual). I will email this to our web designer and shall contact you if there was to be any problem with the files. Again congratulations for the speed and quality of your work.
Pieter van Diermen, VosDroits.be

I want to thank you for the exceptional proofs your company designed for us. I knew that we were in good hands when I viewed your work online, and you certainly did not disappoint. We will also be using your design team to create a Flash animation file for our site and will most likely need your expertise in creating a message for it.
M. Tosca, Institute of Health & Sports Chiropractic

We are fully satisfied with the logo your folks designed for us and consequently we are also interested in Flash animated logo that must be equally or even more excellent as the static logo.
Motonori Shindo, Fivefront Corporation

I cannot express how impressed I am with your firm. You have really provided great logo options for us.

While these look good, I really think the designer had it right the first time. I like the original number two option the best (formal cursive). We are ready to purchase that logo.
Joe Carter, Cornerstone Insurance Group

I chose OnlineLogo through a yahoo search engine. After reviewing 3 other companies, I thought OnlineLogo offered the best deal. I liked the work I saw, and what I saw was creativity. Also the price was better than the rest and that was also a deciding factor. The web site is simple and easy to understand unlike some other ones that are cluttered and confusing.
Matt Edwards, Ad Astra Energy

Thank you very much for the new logo, it looks fantastic! I must say I'm very impressed with the service that has been provided, it's much appreciated.
Kristen Taylor, Global Network Group

Just wanted to say I really love the logo and I appreciate it very much!
Denise Mallou, Confetti

OnlineLogo.com Rocks!
Scott LeBorious, Concrete Stamped Impressions

Thank you so much, we would be happy to have you use us as a referral if you ever need one. We loved the work and the process was simple!
Everette Steele, UrbanVue Properties

Just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much I love my new logo for Executive Muse Consulting (I'm not sure if you personally designed it, or a staff member did). Although I have chosen to use a local printer for my stationery design, they already commented on how beautiful the logo looks. I'm sure potential customers will be struck by it as well. OnlineLogo was easy to work with. Although I wasn't happy with the fan design in the beginning, you listened to suggestions and eventually came up with a design I'm very happy with. Good price too. I would definitely recommend your service to others.
Carolyn Fung, Executive Muse Consulting

Thanks a lot, it was very nice doing business with you. Very fast, and
very high quality. Thanks again.
Oyton Eskiyenenturk, Bay Area Cultural Connections

You guys are the heat.
William Byron, Corporate Benefit Advisors, Inc.

Please, PLEASE write a book on customer service. Yours is the best I've ever experienced. EVER. I would buy twenty copies and ten more for friends.
Monroe Mann, The Unstoppable Artist Business School

By the way, I am very pleased with my logo and will definitely recommend your company to others.
Shirwana Tuitt, Atlanta Events Group

Excellent job! You guys did exactly what I asked for!
Tami Laughlin, Spectrum Paths

Just a quick email to express my sincere thanx for a job well done. You have met my design brief and have executed my every modification request exactly as asked and always on time. Overall a very impressive service.
Alexis Hadjisoteriou, Stenasoft Limited

The client loves it. Thanks for the consistently good work.
Andrea Bergero, i To Eye Advertising

We have received several favorable comments about the logo you created for us. Here is a quote from a recent email: "I just got time to look at your logo. Whoever designed it deserves an award. It's beautiful." You may use us a reference for your work.
Dorothy Bennett, Meadowbrook Educational Services

This is exactly what I had in mind!!! Thank you so much. I am so pleased that I went ONLINELOGO.COM.
Jamie Kulyas, Jamie Kulyas Real Estate

Dude, you are awesome! Thank you very much!
Joe Swinford, JS Consultants


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